Necessity of Immigration Consultants in Delhi

Canada is a beautiful country that also provides great opportunities for immigrants to the country. It is also an ideal destination for tourism as it consists of many national parks and also varied geographical area. In India, people opting for immigration to Canada are on the high due to its stable economic structure and a plethora of employment opportunities it provides.

The Canadian government has divided the immigration policy into two parts namely Permanent immigration and Temporary entry. Students, visitors, work permit visa falls under Temporary entry category and that of conventional refugee, immigrant visa of Canada as spouse and live in caregiver falls under Permanent immigration.  It is ideal to take the advice of Immigration Consultants in Delhi.  If you want to apply for immigration to Canada, the applicant needs to apply in the prescribed application forms which are very important as it is scrutinized by the immigration authorities of Canadian government who decide on the nature of visa to be granted for the applicant. The Canadian government also permits dual citizenship and the applicant might also retain the citizenship of their homeland.

Immigration consultants provide the immigrant who is planning to immigrate into Canada with proper guidance. They take care of the entire process of visa application. They also provide the applicant with online assessment form at free of cost to assess their chances of immigration to other countries like Canada. If they find their application positive, then they will guide them with the further procedure related with the immigration.

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These immigration consultants in Delhi help in preparing all the relevant documents that are needed for immigration and also help in preparing the introductory letter for immigration. Once these are done, they will proceed with other formalities related to the immigration. These applications will be sent to the immigration authorities who will study the application and summon the applicants for an interview. The applicants are to meet the immigration officer for an interview. The applicant also needs to undergo a medical test with the local doctors who are accredited by the immigration authorities of Canada and need to provide a certificate of good health. The background of the applicant is also verified for any criminal records. If, in the process, the applicants are found with good medical condition and clean security investigations, then they will be provided with permanent resident visa including for the dependants.

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Immigration Consultants in Delhi provides the immigrants with all the necessary assistance right from the application till they get settled in Canada. They will also organize interactive sessions for the applicants with the legal professionals and provide them with necessary guidance as to visa types, passport guidance, employment and career opportunities, post landing services, etc. These consultants charge a nominal fee for the entire immigration process.

It is always ideal to take the help of these consultants, as they are expert in the field. They will provide the immigrants with the right advice and proper guidance in getting the appropriate visa. Through their professional services, they facilitate the entire process smoothly and efficiently. 

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