Immigration Services For Canada

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Immigration services in Canada is the process by which people migrate to Canada to reside in the country. In Canada there are four categories of immigrants such as family class which means closely related persons of Canadian residents living in Canada, other which includes people accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate reasons and refugees who mean people who are escaping persecution, torture or cruel and unusual punishment. Estimates of illegal immigrants, former head of the Canadian Immigration Service, has suggested that the lack of any credible refugee screening process, combined with a high likelihood of ignoring any deportation orders, has resulted in tens of thousands of outstanding warrants for the arrest of rejected refugee claimants, with little attempt at enforcement. Immigration service’s information on procedures applicable to applicant who wish to apply for a visa to travel to Canada. This service is available for Indian, Nepalese & Bhutanese residents who wish to apply in the following categories.

Permanent Residents

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