Immigration Consultant

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An immigration consultant is a person who emigrates from one country to another country through legal and documentation process to increase the chance of immigration for study, travel, work, and travel or business purpose.

There are number of people who immigrate from one country to another country for travel, study, work travel and for business purpose. Immigration consultant helps to guide the whole procedure of immigration. There are different types of immigration consultancy which helps in different facilities like permanent residency, Business Immigration, Study Visa, Work Permit, Temporary resident visa/Visitor Visa, Family Class Visa, Post Landing Services, Judicial Review.

Permanent Residency given to the skilled worker on the basis of education, work experience and various other factors. This grants you to live and work lawfully anywhere in the country.

Business Immigration is offering excellent opportunities to attract potential investors to establish new businesses or expand their existing business in other countries.

Work Permit gives a legal authorization to take employment in a country, where you do not hold a residing status or citizenship.

Study Visa helps to study in other countries for a set time at a specified institution as a full-time student.

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