Permanent Residency VISA Immigration Services

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A permanent residence is widely recognized as a visa status that lets visa holders avail some great benefits come along with this and allows them to reside inside a country. Once after getting a Permanent Residence Visa, your status will be turned up as a permanent resident and granted to reside in the country as long as they want.
Getting depth information regarding Requirements for a Permanent Residence Visa - is something - that must be taken into account by all those applying for a Permanent Residence Visa for their desired immigration countries. In today's highly competitive age, everyone seems to be virtually captivated towards overseas work opportunity, also became a symbol of status, with wonderful hope of improving their life standard and getting an opportunity of good earning. 
Here is an important list of general requirements of permanent residence that are much important to be gone through by the applicants.

1)    Must be having a resident visa

2)    Must have met all commitments to the country set out

3)    Must be able to provide a criminal record check

4)    Must be able to provide a medical certificate

5)    Filling and submitting of a permanent visa application form

6)    Sufficient fund status of the applicants

7)    Must be able to provide refugee status

8)    Skills assessment test and language test

9)    Various documents in supporting of the application

10)    Attending interviews and immigration representatives.

However, the requirement for Permanent Residence Visa immigration tends to change - depending on countries - so the applicants need to be well aware of all the requirements for their chosen countries. Department of Immigration and Citizenship ‘DIAC' has identified two of the permanent visas which are to be acquired prior to making an application on permanent residency.

1. Skilled Regional Residence Visa (subclass 887)

2. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 857)
In the absence of the two, you can still make an application on Permanent Residency if you have any of the following visas in you hands-
Skilled Independent Regional visa – Provisional / subclass 495
Skilled Regional Sponsored visa – Provisional / subclass 489
Skilled Regional Sponsored visa – Provisional / subclass 475
Skilled Regional Sponsored visa – Provisional / subclass 487
Skilled Designated Area Sponsored visa – Provisional / subclass 496

The application for permanent residency visa is your first step towards being part of a country where you can follow your dreams on career and personal growth. But, this also makes you liable for a significant economic contribution to the local economy. You ability to do so is what makes you eligible for permanent residency.

Your application stands to get an early approval, if your claim on adding value to the economy is equally well substantiated by your education, skills and abilities.

Permanent Residency is what places you at par to an Australian Citizen and you get to live in Australia as a permanent resident. But, prior to making an application on the same, you should have first, lived in the designated regional area for a period of at least 2 years secondly, have a visa under Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.
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