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Compared with most other countries in the world, Denmark’s societal institutions have been shaped by Christianity to an exceptional degree. Denmark’s next-largest religious group consists of immigrants and others with Islamic or Hindu backgrounds. Globalisation and immigration has also led to significant growth in the Denmark, accounting for around three percent of the population today.

The basic principle of the Danish welfare system, often referred to as the Scandinavian welfare model, is that all citizens have equal rights to social security. Within the Danish welfare system, a number of services are available to citizens and immigrants, free of charge.

In Denmark, basic education is compulsory. The general upper secondary school primarily prepares the young people for higher education, while vocational education and training primarily aims to prepare students for a career in trade or industry. The quality of Danish education is assured in many ways. It is mainly regulated and financed by the state, and all public educational institutions are approved and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Immigration to Denmark has advantages, in its own way:

The Danish Green Card scheme allows you to live and work in Denmark if you can score enough points based upon criteria such as age, language skills, work experience, and education. If you score at least 100 points,

There are 30 points awarded for a Bachelors degree, 50 points for a Bachelors degree plus a one year Masters degree, 60 points if you have obtained a Masters degree and 80 points if you have gained a PhD. There are also as many as 15 points available if your school ranks in the top 400 in the world, and a Green Card for Denmark is even closer to your hand should your education be in any way related to jobs found on the country’s Positive List, as this would give you a further 10 points.

If you are granted a residence permit under Denmark's Green Card Scheme, your spouse or partner is also eligible for a residence permit, as well as any children under the age of 18 who are living at home with you. Your spouse or partner is allowed to work full time for the entire period of the residence permit's validity.

The Positive List consists of a number of professional fields currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. You can be granted a first-time residence permit under the Green card scheme for up to 3 years. Before the end of this period, you can apply for an extension of up to 1 year. Before the end of this period, you can apply for an extension of up to four years. Your residence permit can be extended if you have worked for the past 12 months for a minimum of ten hours per week.

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