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Canada being the most favorite country among immigrants is also the most welcoming country when compared to any other country. ‘The land of opportunities’ each year welcomes lakhs of foreigners. This big country let share its nationals and other visitors all the facilities it has to offer.

It is not just for study that students visit this country; also, immigrants desire to settle in Canada, the reason being availability of every possible resource.  Settling in this country is not as tough as many thinks, rather Canada immigration process are simple and does not require much of complications.
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There are various programs for immigration of people of different categories,  it depends on the different reasons of visitors or migrants. Including them some become permanent citizens too. All the policies are determined by CIC which stands for Citizenship and the Immigration in Canada. At first immigrants should decide the perfect section or category for themselves.  For getting permanent residence the categories are investors, skilled professionals and workers, entrepreneurs, people of self employed, family class of immigrants and refugees. 

Sometimes it does happen that an applicant wants to immigrate to a particular country but are stuck with the complications of rules and regulations of its process. We might think that we do not require an immigration agent, internet surfing though can provide lots of information but cannot provide the proper guidance to you. So it is an utmost importance that you select a proper agent for your settlement in Canada. An agent can suggest various ways of immigrating to Canada, not only this; an agent can show a right an easy process of a successful Canadian residency.

 One must ensure that they deal with certified immigration consultants and lawyers with valid certifications. Beware of fake immigration consultants who are good at alluring victims with their fraud schemes and cheaper fees. Always verify the credentials of the people you choose to work with before entrusting them with important information. This saves you from any disappointments that you would entails in the long run had you trusted a fake consultant. Normally, immigration is possible via family sponsorship, skilled worker, investor program and provincial programs. Ensure that the Canada lawyers you choose to work with have prior experience. Choose ones with higher client success rates. This way you stand a better chance of getting through the process successfully.

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